What are SisterLocks?

Introducing Dr. JoAnne Cornwell, Orginator, of SisterLocks. We thank you! 

What are SisterLocks

Sisterlocks is a system that was developed to meet the needs of women who are looking for a natural alternative for their hair. SisterLocks are not extensions, no hair is added to achieve this look. SisterLocks is just simply your natural hair made to become versatile and easy to manage. 

I’ve been loc for five years now and love it! When I made the decision to loc my hair I had been transitioning from perm about a year. I was tired of hair loss, thinning, wearing hair weaves and damaged hair. I did my research and made the decision to get SisterLocks because of my busy lifestyle and I love the versatility. 

Before Your Establishment 

FYI: Do your research before making a appointment! Always check your sources and make sure stylist have been trained under the direction of a Master SisterLocks educator.  Anyone can say that they can do it, but really they can’t. You can do this by searching the SisterLocks website to find local trainees and certified SisterLocks consultants in your area. http://www.sisterlocks.com/finding-a-consultant.html

Styling SisterLocks 

Tips and articles on SisterLocks 


SisterLocks & Life as a Natural Hairstylist 

Working as a Natural Hairstylist isn’t just a job, it’s my passion. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity of developing my craft since 2001, after graduating high school. With having a family, receiving a couple of college degrees and working 9-5’s I still enjoy what I do! 

 I  was always intrigued by the beauty of natural hair and the history behind African Americans who are natural. In October of 2016, further pursued the SisterLocks training because I wanted to learn how to keep my hair well maintained and to help educate clients on proper haircare. I really enjoyed the SisterLocks 4-day training classs. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking to further there skills as a natural hairstylist. It was well worth the investment!! 

Currently I have a small start up natural haircare business located in Novi, MI. Established in 2016. Checkout my facebook page link below for more information. 



Braiding 101..

History of Braiding 

The art of braiding can be traced back centuries to its roots in Africa. Historically, every country in Africa has a form of braiding incorporated into its standard of beauty for men and women. Throughout the African American hair experience, braiding has been used as a restorative technique for the health and well-being of the hair. Until the 1960s, braiding was performed in the privacy of the home and not worn as an adult style.

 source: Book, Milady Standard Natural Hair Care & Braiding by Diane Carol Bailey, Diane Da Costa. 

Today, the art of hair braiding has evolved into a newer age of style and creativity. Culturally, just about every hair style involves braids such as hair weaves, crochet braids, box braids and more, for all ages. Braids served as a protective hairstyle that can be worn to work and maintained for weeks when done professionally and well maintained. 

Easy how to braid video http://youtu.be/tw4Gy0AkJRI

Simple. Easy braid pattern

Tips for growing longer hair


How to book appointments..

  1. Visit styleseat.com/alotta_locs make a selection for what type of services. Choose a day & time and follow the prompt to book your appointment. 
  2. Make deposit to hold your spot https://paypal.me/AlottaLocs/25
  3. Then, you will receive an text message confirming your appointment. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the booking process please send us a email alottalocs@gmail.com most replies are made within 24 hours. 

Protective Styles

What are protective hairstyles? Hairstyles that help protect the ends of the hair from dehydration, daily breakage from mechanical manipulation such as combing the hair and pulling the roots causing breakage and hair damage which includes (braids and twist) styles. This style can last up to four weeks with proper care.