Loc Maintenance 

Shampooing & Conditioning 
Shampooing your locs are simply easy. All you you have to do is lather each section, rinse  the hair and repeat two-three times. Choosing shampoos can be very complicated however, it would be wise to use shampoo to shampoo that is free of any harsh chemicals, metals, and ingredients that could alter your locs. Some people use mild shampoos and homemade mixes to clean their hair such as a baking soda mixture or vinager. Choosing a good conditioner is about the same. Some people even suggest that you have a regiment when cleansing your hair such as using a deep cleanser first, shampoo second, deep conditioner and finally and leave-in conditioner.

Oils & Moisturizers 

After washing and conditioning your Locs you can apply light essential hair oils to the scalp. Oiling the scalp a few times a week helps lubricate the scalp, nourishes roots, and strengthens locs. To help stimulate hair growth massage scalp with fingers after applying essential oils. 

As your hair grows, you will need to keep locs retighten every four to six weeks depending on hair growth from the roots. There are many methods and techniques used to retighten Locs such as palmroll and interlock. Palm rolling, is done right after hair is washed and conditioned. Most people use hair locking gels and creams to keep locs in place with using hair clips. This method usually last up until hair wash day. Interlocking,usually last longer depending on hair growth and how locks are maintained. Most locticians use crochet hooks, needles and locking tools. 
Sidebar: If you choose to retighten your hair sooner than 4 to 6 weeks this can cause hair breakage around the edges of your hair and can possibly damage your locks. 

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